"Sort of a cross between Kurt Weill & son house, Jimmy brings a country blues voice and music hall sensibility to his performance and writing." - Lou Curtis

"The music is merely a vehicle for the spirit." Jazz influenced country blues with the immediacy of rock and roll. Jimmy Ruelas is best described as a performer not a recording artist. Although his influences are obscure and sometimes forgotten, he doesn't approach his live shows like a lecture rather he wants to move you and goes to any length to do so.

Blues and rhythm or Roots Rock and Roll is how he likes to categorize his music. When rock and roll and r&b were skeletons without skin and the exposed bones were gospel, blues, jazz and country.

Mixing his original material and covers, ballads and rockers, modern and old. A common thread runs between all the tunes, that is an abundance feral energy and complete dedication to each and every note and each and every word.

He is not interested in wowing a crowd with his intellectual and musical prowess, but rather resonating something deep and real within them. He will often abandon the stage and jump into a crowd booming his voice while mashing into his steel guitar forcing every decibel out of it like a snare drum.

His first self released album "I Shall Not Be Moved," which was released in august of 2013, touches on a variety of themes and grooves. The rocking opening track "She's Leaving Town" comes blasting out of the gates. It tells the story of a lost soul taking back lost time in a drunken and depraved set of events. The Spanish waltz "Opium tango" is a love song that finds the characters "dancing upon their graves" by the end. "Say the Word" is a soul torch tune straight from the 50's and 60's. "If it rains," a tale of the dust bowl, and "He'll Get Hell" are both what he calls "apocryphal, warning songs." He shows his influences with the songs, "Your Close Friends" and "I Shall not be moved." Jimmy gives credit to the spirit of Edward Clayborn on both tracks. "Your Close Friends" is re imagined with a dark three note piano riff booming tom toms and haunting falsetto. "I Shall Not Be Moved" is stripped all the way down, Jimmy sings and bashes his way through this pre civil war song all the while making it his own anthem. The ten-song record was recorded in under a few days, which Jimmy prefers, choosing to keep the songs tight and off the cuff.




V-Rock is a steadily rising and in-demand DJ/Producer based out of San Diego, California. Dj-ing and composing music since an early age, V-Rock has been working both in and out of the city to build his name for the past few years. As a DJ, he has been able to adapt to many different scenarios with a versatile style and music collection. He has experienced a break-through in the San Diego music scene with heavily sampled productions featured by numerous local acts. Drawing influences from genres such as jazz, r&b, hip-hop & cumbia his unique tastes offers him a unique and eclectic sound. His extensive resume includes shows at local venues and events throughout Southern California. Going forward, V-Rock strives to continue creating music as well as performing while advancing his career and pushing boundaries in the future.

V ROCK has already amassed an impressive resume

Performed & DJ'ed for groups:

Scatterbrain The Acid Atheist, Trackwide, Brother Nature, Chris Young, Old English, Broken Dreams, GZA, Devin The Dude, Odessa Kane, Black Resume.

Performed with:

Kendrick Lamar @ SOMA San Diego
Bostich & Fussible of The Nortec Collective @ Block No. 16
Seasonal menu release parties at El Dorado for 2 years
Tyler The Creator @ Porter's Pub UCSD
Schoolboy Q @ Porter's Pub UCSD
Immortal Technique @ Porter's Pub UCSD
Curren$y @ Porter's Pub UCSD
Talib Kweli @ Porter's Pub UCSD
Performed @ The Casbah
Performed with GZA of Wu-Tang Clan @ Porter's Pub UCSD

Played @ The Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles with DJ Chucuchu
Played @ Bootlegger Downtown with DJ Contemporary Menswear
Residency at EL DORADO COCKTAIL LOUNGE for 3 years
Action Bronson @ Porter's Pub UCSD
Jon Wayne of Stones Throw Records with Scatterbrain from San Diego
Blu & Exile @ Porter's Pub UCSD
Asher Roth @ Porter's Pub UCSD
Slaughterhouse @ Porter's Pub UCSD
YelaWolf @ Porter's Pub UCSD



DJ Myson King grew up in the Bay Area and has been djing since 1996. DJ Myson King's love of music began in the 80's and would be fed by listening to the radio non-stop or by digging through his parents old jazz and soul records. In 1989 he bought his first tape and from there, everything changed. The tape collection eventually turned to CDs, and in 1996 the CD players turned into turntables.

In 1998, DJ Myson King moved to Charlottesville, VA and took the town by storm. In addition to playing various colleges and bars weekly throughout Central VA, he also hosted "Revolution 33.3" on WTJU 91.1. This was the area's only daytime hip-hop radio show at the time. DJ Myson King also hosted an event called "Heads Up" which was the only event in the area to spotlight local underground DJs and MCs as well as regional talent. During this time, he also worked with and built friendships with many great artists including Unspoken Heard, Stacey Epps, and N.O.M.A.D.S.

Since moving to San Diego in 2003, DJ Myson King has continued to rock crowds with his mix of hip hop and soul. He has shared the stage with DJ Kool Herc, DJ Babu and ?uest Love as well as San Diego based acts Broken Dreams, Transfer, Able Minded Poets, Parker and the Numberman and others. In 2008, DJ Myson King helped establish a collection of artists and DJs called the Fam Royal Crew and our members can be found performing all over San Diego and beyond. You can see DJ Myson King live, playing regularly at Red C, Blue Foot Bar and Lounge, and Waterfront in San Diego, CA.

Services: DJ Myson King offers a wide range of DJ services

Bars/clubs - Venues looking for top notch DJ talent should book DJ Myson King. Being a great DJ requires more than just mixing, scratching or other technical skills. It is also important for a DJ to read the crowd and take them on a musical journey and at the end of the night have them asking when it is happening again. DJ Myson King is a master of mixing his musical taste, the venue's musical wishes, and the crowd's party desires into a flawless night of great music.

Private Events - DJ Myson King has been a mobile DJ for as long as he has been a bar and club DJ. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, high school reunion, art show or any other kind of event DJ Myson King has the experience and professionalism clients are looking for. With a full range of audio and visual equipment available, DJ Myson King combines the professionalism many club DJs do not bring to the mobile environment along with the current take on music that many mobile DJs lack.

Corporate Events - DJ Myson King is no stranger to corporate events. Whether it is a company party for employees or an event for clients during business hours, you can be sure the sounds provided by DJ Myson King will be top notch. Some previous clients include Shepard Fairey, Rachel Zoe, and Nordstrom.

Recently seen at:

Bar Pink (San Diego CA)
Barbacoa (Boise ID)
Bluefoot Bar and Lounge (San Diego CA)
El Take It Easy (San Diego CA)
Harney Sushi (Oceanside CA)
Lafayette Poolside (San Diego CA)

Livewire (San Diego CA)
Mack & Charlie's (Boise ID)
Madrone (San Francisco CA)
Red C (San Diego CA)
Searsucker (San Diego CA)
The Other Door (Hollywood CA)
Waterfront (San Diego CA)



Who is W. Steele ? . . . W. Steele is a San Diego born DJ who's been involved in the industry for over 15 years. Steele considers himself an open format DJ but was drawn in to the art form in the late 90's by hip hop.

Early in his career he was able to share the stage with the likes of hip hop greats such as Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, Fat Joe, The Beatnuts, J-Live, The Pharcyde, and Dead Prez, to name a few. At 19 years old he moved out to New York and ended up living out there for 7 years honing his skills as a true DJ.

Upon returning home to SD he has been extremely busy behind the 1's & 2's working at venues all over the city from downtown to Pacific Beach to North Park, such as:

Barley Mash
Bar West
Bar Dynamite
4th & B
The Office
Basic Urban Kitchen and Ba
The Local
El Camino
PB Bar & Grill
PB Shore Club
Bar Pink

West Coast Tavern
The Tavern in PB
Nicky Rottens
El Dorado
Live Wire
Aubergine (now called Fluxx)
Se Hotel
The Fleetwood
Prospect Bar & Grill
Pacific Beach Ale House

Although his emphasis is on party jams, he is well suited to play just about anything under the sun. There's nothing more that he thrives on than being in the mix with a crowd that is hyped about what's coming out of the system and is having a great time.



Capturing and cultivating good music and a good vibe has always been the focus of San Diego resident J.Blow. Originally hailing from Milwaukee - J.Blow is a DJ, producer and all-around music fanatic with a 15+ year journey behind him. With a background in art & design, he takes the same meticulous approach to his musical endeavors - striving to create the perfect mix of elements for a beautiful composition. His musical inspiration has been cut from the fabric of the originators, from hiphop to funk and soul. When you see him, you will often hear different genres that have influenced him blended together in a patchwork. He prides himself in being a tastemaker as well as a great party thrower, often both in balance. He's as comfortable in a club creating a house party vibe as he is in the lounges pulling out soulful cuts and forgotten should-be classics.

J.Blow was an instrumental part in the last days of San Diego's legendary venue Landlord Jim's (Saturday nights) as well as part of the internet radio show Steady Crushin on the now defunct Earthbound Radio. He's also made guest appearances on other radio shows (91.7 WMSE Milwaukee and The Lab Mixshow), contributed productions to many projects for up and coming MCs and spearheaded multiple residencies of different vibes from the midwest to the west coast.

While also an avid music maker, J.Blow is continuously crafting edits and original pieces to weave into his DJ sets. Currently, he is working on a new solo project to be released in 2014 as well as DJing weekly throughout San Diego, California. Whether he is moving people on the dance floor, mining for musical treats or crafting his own musical concoctions, J.Blow is always there to spread the gospel of good funky music... and he is hungry for more.



Adam was born in New York on August 26th 1977 and then raised in Boston. He went to college in Savannah Ga. where he also learned to Tattoo and has been tattooing in San Diego ever since. 9 months before he was born the #1 song was tonight's the night by rod stewart, so he firmly believes he was definitely conceived to that song. He was forced to play sports as a kid and hated it with a passion. Skateboarding was the only sport he cared about, because it wasn't an organized team sport.

Adams older brother Aaron also drew artwork often so Adam followed suit. The brotherly competitive nature drove Adam to be able to sharpen his skill.

Adams first memories of artistic influence were from Skateboard Catalogs and aspiring to one day to design a t-shirt one day for a skate company. Little did he know how much further he would take it than that. Shortly there after Adam took his artwork to the streets. He also started experimenting with painting team logos and other designs onto his own clothing.

Skateboarding and Graffiti continued to inspire Adams artwork until his skill earned him a place in Art School. He skirted both sides of the fence with learning fine art and history while taking to the streets at night and partaking in the less than legal practice of art. After a few years of that the house he lived in at the time was eventually raided by local law enforcement due to the vandalism done by those who lived there. That was the end of that particular era and medium of art for Adam. Although he is still in strong support of the medium and style of the graffiti world.

While living in Savannah, He landed and apprenticeship at a local tattoo shop and this was just the start to the well known successful career he has created. At the time Tattoos were completely taboo in his family household.

After Savannah Adam moved to Riverdale where he continued to hone his craft of tattooing. Next came Atlanta, the rough neighborhood influenced his style and also fought him how to dodge bullets on occasion. The next step was moving to San Diego. After making a name fir him self in the art and tattoo community in the worlds finest city, Adam earned him self a spot at one of the most well known Tattoo names in the business. Guru Tattoo in Pacific Beach is to most the premier spot in San Diego and beyond. Adam continues to amaze with talent and work ethic that is unmatched in his field and any other. It is hard to walk a block in San Diego or any other city for that matter without seeing one of his tattoos, t-shirt designs or a painting hanging in a gallery. He is an unstoppable force and just hitting full stride. Adam is a member of the Do The Math Crew, holds down the 13th throne of the Swamp Wizards and we are proud to announce is now represented by Glory Bound.

"Act like you know"
-Adam Hathorn aka Honkeykong


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Glory Bound has the expertise and experience to develop, coordinate, promote, and manage your event. From corporate events and fundraisers to product launches and nightlife events, Glory Bound is equipped with the resources needed to effectively direct any function big or small. We start with your ideas, then cater an event around your specifications, making sure all objectives are satisfied. We will locate a venue suitable to your tastes and create the perfect atmosphere for your brand, resulting in a production far beyond your expectations.

We are a one stop production company with services ranging from concept development, site selection, booking, entertainment, venue design, staffing, and culinary integration to print design, website creation, social network integration, screen printing,
promotion, street team coordination and photography.


By utilizing our extensive database of company affiliates, venues, vendors and sponsors, Glory Bound is able to produce a truly exceptional experience while remaining in tune with the needs and expectations of the client as well as following strict budget guidelines.


Glory Bound can also coordinate private functions to fit your budget, for example; office parties, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, bachelor parties, benefits, and engagements. It is important to reiterate that there is no occasion too big or small for us to help you direct. After consultation we take care of all the details from concept to completion by managing venue and supplier negotiations, catering, logistics, sponsors, and entertainment. Ultimately, we want to relieve you of your stress and give you the time you need to enjoy a Glory Bound production.


Glory Bound is on the cutting-edge of the growing nightlife market, setting, not following, the trends which have defined the standard for superior events in San Diego. While hosting as many as 10 weekly events year around, Glory Bound promotes a variety of venues, from trendy restaurants and lounges, to obscure dives and tattoo parlors, back to the most prominent nightclubs and hotels around. Glory Bound successfully captures the attention of the most discerning audience around by giving them the unique nightlife experience they desire. Our continued customer loyalty is our most valued praise.


Guru Tattoo
El Dorado
Live Wire
Iron Fist Clothing
WWS Magazine
Effen Vodka
Sleeping Giant Music
Vice Records
The Beauty Bar
Kate Ross Boutique
The Blue Foot
The Blind Burro
Seven Grand San Diego
Daley Double Saloon

The Casbah
The Whistle Stop
Jeff Johnson Photography
The Rubber Rose Gallery
Phillip Edwards Salon
Surf n' Bowl
The AC Lounge
Bar Pink
The Office
Dekline Footwear
Disconnected Salon
National Breast Cancer Foundation
The Office Bar SD
Fam Royal
San Diego Unified School District



Matthew Fraynd

Booking Manager
Direct: (619) 892-0065


Having years of experience running his own event production boutique, Mathew Fraynd is an ideal fit for San Diego based talent agency Glory Bound. Whether it's sponsor acquisition, venue booking, planning, negotiation, or representing artists, DJs, and performers, Matthew knows the ins and outs of the business and has a track record for ensuring quality performance services. Having a hand in rehabilitating once seedy dive bars into what are now considered San Diego's top nightlife destinations for music and entertainment, Matthew has helped businesses looking to penetrate new markets succeed, while cultivating a fan base of discerning nightlife aficionados.

He continues to build his reputation now in growing his company to the next level of talent management. Out of the gate He and Glory Bound have already set a standard of only representing the best. Managing artists from multiple media forms they all have a fundamental strong work ethic and are hands down the best at what they do.

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